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  • Margaret Marques

Being Real: Unmasking Your True Self

Have you ever felt like you're wearing a mask to fit in or meet other people's expectations? Turns out, there's a name for it – psychologists call it the "persona." It's like the social mask we put on to navigate different parts of our lives, be it at work, with family, or in our communities. But why do we wear it, and how can understanding it make our lives more genuine and fulfilling?

The Everyday Mask We Wear

Think of the persona as your everyday mask. It helps you play different roles and fit into various social situations. It's handy for blending in, but it also makes us wonder: is this really who we are, or are we just playing a part?

Adapting to Social Rules

The persona isn't just a mask; it's like a social rulebook we follow. It helps us act the way society expects us to, whether it's being professional at work or a caring family member at home. So, in a way, it's our tool for fitting into different social groups and meeting everyone's expectations.

A Shield from Judgment

Sometimes, the persona acts like a shield. In a world where people judge quickly, it's our way of protecting ourselves from criticism. It's a coping strategy we develop to handle the pressures and judgments we face every day. However, this also keeps us disconnected to our true self.

Finding Your True Self

While the persona helps us in many ways, there's a risk of losing touch with who we really are. Finding that balance between fitting in and staying true to ourselves is a journey toward authenticity.

Counselling: Your Path to Being Real

Counsellors get this struggle. They're like guides helping you uncover your true self. Here's how they do it in simple terms:

1. Soul Searching: Counselling encourages you to dig deep and find out who you really are beneath the social mask.

2. Being You: Therapy can help you be true to yourself, aligning your actions with what really matters to you.

3. Saying What You Mean: Therapy can guide you in expressing your real thoughts and feelings, without hiding behind the mask.

4. Breaking Free from Limits: In the sessions you will

challenge those thoughts that hold you back, boosting your self-acceptance and strength.

Why Be Real?

Understanding and shedding the persona is like discovering a treasure within yourself. It's an invitation to be genuine, connect with others more deeply, and lead a life that feels true to you.

In a world that often nudges us to conform, counseling is your safe space to peel off the layers of the persona and embrace your authentic self. So, here's to being real, exploring who you are, and finding the beauty in your true identity amid life's twists and turns.


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