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  • Margaret Marques

The Inner Critic

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

You may be familiar with the inner critic – that insidious voice within that talks down to you and makes you feel bad or sad. The inner critic is often said to be an internalised version of a critical parent, using similar words and tone of voice to belittle you or make you believe you’re not worth much. You can end up believing the inner critic speaks the truth about you and is a major cause of low self-esteem. However, you may not be quite so familiar with the outer critic, which can also develop as a result of poor early caregiving.The inner critic is the part of your mind that views you as flawed and unworthy.

The outer critic is the part that views everyone else as flawed and unworthy. When the outer critic is running your mind, people appear to be too awful and too dangerous to trust. The outer critic focuses on other people’s imperfections and unworthiness as a way of avoiding having to invest in emotional relationships.

I use different therapeutic approaches to explore and understand this better with you so to build confidence and trust in yourself as well as others more and pave the way to building new relationships without the self-criticism and low self-esteem getting in your way.

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